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Highlighted events

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  • The Chinese Language: DaVinci Code Lecture, Feb, 17, 2019read more and register
  • Saki 101: A Taste of Japan, May 5, 2019 read more and register
  • Honeychurch Transformed: A Tour & Talk, TBD (May or June)
  • The Roots of Ikat Weaving in SE Asia, May 19, 2019
  • Silk Road Adventure & Uzbeki Textiles, Aug 4, 2019
  • India Art Forms of Music and Dance, Oct 13, 2019

About us

Mission: The Friends of Asian Art Association provides and supports programs and activities that reflect the arts of countries, regions and cultures that make up the broad and diverse spectrum of Asia.

Vision: Through its activities, the Friends of Asian Art Association seeks to advance local, regional, national and international understanding and appreciation of Asian arts to the communities it serves.

The Friends of Asian Art Association (FA3) was established in 2010 as community group committed to providing information to those interested in Asian art. In July 2011, the association was formalized as a nonprofit organization.

FA3 supports the many past, present and emerging art forms from the countries, regions and cultures that make up the broad and diverse spectrum of Asia. All ancient, traditional and modern art forms, whether fine or folk arts and crafts, are included as areas of artistic interest: visual, performing, literary, architecture, decorative, applied, conceptual, design, cinema, photography, gastronomy and more!

FA3 is a 501C3 all-volunteer organization that provides information on local, national and international Asian events, activities, exhibits, resources, opportunities and travel opportunities to its members. A variety of Friends-sponsored programs – open to members and the general public – are offered throughout the year. Join Us


FA3 Board

Dr.Cynthia Rekdal, Executive Director
Steve Erickson
Kingsley Kan, Board Treasurer
Shelly Krishnamurty, Board Secretary
Yamini Gourishanka
Dr. David Paly
Janey Hoff, webmaster

Advisory Board

Humaira Abid
Yueh-Lin Chen
Nona Dhawin
Dr. Maribeth Graybill
Alan Lau
Linda Lei
Lea Mackay
Pamela Miller
Larry O'Rourke
John Pehrson
Dr. Joseph Piro

Contact Us

Friends of Asian Art Association
P.O.Box 15404
Seattle, WA 98115