Are you already familiar with poker? Or just want to try your hand at card games? If you think that poker is limited only to Texas Hold’em, Omaha and other popular types, then you are deeply mistaken. Poker is a broad category of card games that can be divided into many other types. Originally, poker was meant as a card game for several people. But, if you are not interested in playing in the company of strangers, or you just prefer solo games, then poker is still your choice.

With the popularization of slot machines, free poker games with free spins and a card theme began to appear. Now we can highlight such popular free games as video poker, Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and many others. You can enjoy these games for free, or try your luck and get a real money jackpot. Moreover, both types of these games are available online and offline, so you can enjoy your favorite game even without access to a PC or the Internet.

Poker machines with free spins

First of all, let’s take a look at poker slots. If you have played slot machines before, then you probably know why everyone loves them – free spins. This is a bonus feature that allows a player to get several consecutive spins for 1 spin. For each of these spins, you get real money. In addition to free attempts, Wilds, multipliers and other bonus features are activated during these spins, which ultimately bring you huge winnings.

Of course, there are some free poker games that have their own bonus mechanics. These slots include:

  • Spin Poker
  • Ultimate X Spin Poker
  • Super Times Pay Spin Poker
  • Spin Poker Deluxe
  • Triple Spin Poker
  • Spin Poker with Dream Card
  • Game King Video Poker
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The rules of the game are completely identical to any other slot machine. You choose the bet size, the number of active lines, make spins and get a payout for each complete combo. If you are lucky enough to land a few Scatters, free spins feature will be activated!

Offline poker card games

If you do not always have access to the Internet or a PC, then offline games are the best solution in this situation. The pre-installed card game will allow you to have fun on a business trip, subway or when we don’t have the opportunity to play online. In addition, free poker games with download clients have other advantages. For example, the game client will not be under maintenance and you will not have any connection problems.

The most popular offline card games that you should definitely try:

  1. Governor of Poker 2. One of the most popular download free poker games. The atmosphere of the game will take you to Texas, where you can play authentic poker with other cowboys.
  2. Poker World. An excellent poker simulator with rankings, daily chips, tournaments and great graphics.
  3. Texas hold’em Poker Plus. Simple free app with good AI, user-friendly interface and free daily gold.
  4. Home Games Poker. Several thousand downloads, regular updates, smooth animations and no errors or crashes during the game.

Any of the above apps will not let you get bored while there is no Internet or you are away from your home PC.