The great thing about online Texas Hold’em poker is that you can always find any kind of poker game, at any time of the day or night. Thousands of players play on dozens of sites 24 hours a day! If you feel better playing tight games with good players, you just go to a couple of poker rooms and find a table that suits you.

Rules and strategies of Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is the most popular form of poker. It is believed that it is Hold’em that has the largest number of strategies and training materials. At the same time, the rules of the hold’em game are very simple.

First, let’s define the goal and the rules of the game. In hold’em, the player needs to collect the best five-card combination of cards. He can choose cards from two cards that are given to him in his hand and five community cards on the table.

So how to play Texas Hold’em poker?

  1. Each player receives two cards. These are pocket cards. From these cards the player will make a combination or “hand” (poker hand).
  2. At the preflop stage, players place their first bets or they refuse to continue the game and discard their cards (fold) if they see that their cards are not very good. You can accept the bet placed before you or raise it if you have good cards. If you raise the bet, the players either answer it or refuse further play – fold. Then the bets are summed up in the bank.
  3. Flop – three community cards are laid out on the table. You can now make a preliminary combination of cards using your hole cards and community cards.
  4. Turn – the fourth community card is dealt on the table. With this card, players can improve their preliminary combination or stay with their previous combination if the new card did not fit. The next round of bets passes.
  5. River – The fifth community card appears on the table. The last round of betting. Those players who remain in the game open their cards – showdown – and find out who won. The player with the stronger combination of cards takes the entire pot. If the combinations are equal in strength, the pot is divided between the players.
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Texas Holdem poker strategy begins with how to play different positions at the table. If you are sitting opposite the dealer, then you are in the first position. It means you are the first to place your bet. If you are a dealer, then you are in the last position.

Texas Hold’em hands order

It is important for beginner players to know the basic combinations in poker and it is with them that you need to start learning the rules. It is difficult to learn and remember the features and names in reality, but you also need to learn to see them during the game, to assess the prospects of strength. Poker combinations are necessary so that you can easily navigate your pocket cards.

Here are Texas Hold’em poker hands order:

  • Royal flush – Royal Flush is the king of all combinations, it beats everyone else, but it is extremely difficult to get it. Royal Flush is, in fact, a regular flush (five cards of the same suit), only from ten to ace.
  • 3 of a kind – If the players have collected the same triplets, then the value of the highest unrelated card determines the winner. If they are equal, then the value of the second unrelated card.
  • 2 pair – These are two pairs of cards of the same denomination, for example, tens and aces. The seniority of these combinations is determined by the seniority of the cards included in them.
  • 1 pair – You will get a pair of any strength in almost every second hand. Do not forget that this is also a five-card combination (like all the others).
  • High card – This is in fact, the absence of all the hands. For example, there are two players in a hand, including you. Before the river, no one made a pair or anything stronger. In this case, the winner is determined by the highest card.

The main task of Texas Hold’em poker is to collect a winning combination of cards, and for different types of poker these combinations in poker can differ significantly.