Texas Hold’em with friends: a popular type of poker that you can play

For several years this game could only be played at the only casino in Vegas — the Golden Nugget Casino — but today you can download a free app to your laptop or mobile phone and play Texas Hold’em with friends online. This type of poker is the most popular variety — the first rules of the game were approved in 1900 in Texas (Robstown), where the name came from. The discipline became world famous in 1969, when the first official tournament was held in Las Vegas.

Play Texas Hold’em poker online with friends

Even in cases where the entire group cannot get together, for some reason, you always have the opportunity to spend a few hours at one of the most exciting games of gambling. Playing poker, you can organize a great evening with your friends, or you can find rivals from around the world to challenge them in Texas Hold’em online. The benefits of modern applications provide:

  • The ability to play for virtual or real money.
  • Group Video Chat Option. Use your skills and experience to outsmart opponents with poker face.
  • Fair Play Guarantee. A virtual dealer ensures that no cheating or card tampering will happen.
  • Cross-platform playability available. Even if you have a laptop and your opponents only have a tablet or mobile phone at hand, you can play with friends in Texas Hold’em together at the same virtual table.

Texas Hold’em: Ground rules

Different applications offer a wide range of options to complement the gameplay, but the rules of the game remain standard:

  1. Players make an ante initial payment by forming a pot;
  2. two players sitting at the dealer’s side make a blind bet (small and big);
  3. each player receives two cards (preflop), a betting round follows;
  4. Three cards (flop) are placed openly on the table, followed by a Betting Round.
  5. A fourth card (slop) is placed openly on the table, followed by a Betting Round. When playing Limited Holdem, the fixed bet is doubled at this point.
  6. The fifth card (river) is placed openly on the table. Thus, 5 cards are placed on the table, the last betting round follows.
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The goal of the game is to create the best combination in the round, which is determined by using both cards received by the player at the hand and general cards.

Play Texas Hold’em poker for free on PC or via mobile app

For today you can download free Texas Hold’em apps to play with friends or casual opponents. There are various options available in the digital stores, both from popular poker brands and from independent developers.

How to choose and download a Texas Hold’em app to play with friends

Depending on the device on which you want to install the application, select the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android and Windows). Make sure the program you selected supports the ability to invite and organize your own gaming table, and appreciate additional features that you may need. Also don’t forget that to play Texas Hold’em online with friends at the same time, each participant must have the latest PC or mobile app installed on board.